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28 Meetup Ideas

Do you need some meetup ideas to get your started on planning your first VIPKid meetup? Sometimes all that it takes is a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Coffee – Meet at a cafe, drink coffee, and chat.
  2. Prop Swap – Ask everyone to bring a few props that they no longer need and share them with other teachers.
  3. Rock Painting – Quick and fun for the whole family.
  4. Dino Painting – Find a studio that can help you create paintings of Dino
  5. Cooking Class – Find a cooking teacher that can teach you how to make dumplings or hot pot.
  6. Park Day – Allow teachers to bring their families and friends. Have some appetizers and drinks or ask everyone to pack a lunch.
  7. Chinese New Year – Do some searching to see if there are local groups that already do a Chinese New Year celebration. If not, make one of your own.
  8. Teacher Appreciation – Teacher Appreciation Week is typically in May. Plan to do something that week just to let local teachers know that they are awesome!
  9. “Sip and Eat” – Create a buffet of Chinese food and let everyone try the things that they are not familiar with.
  10. Dragon Boat Festival – Check to see if there is a Dragon Boat Festival in your local area. Invite other teachers to meetup at the event and see what it is all about.
  11. Book Club – Choose one of the books about China with your local teachers, then choose a date to meet to talk about the book.
  12. Google Slides – There are lot of teachers that are curious about Google Slides, but don’t know where to start. Get together and help each other get started.
  13. Pool Party – I have been to 2 VIPKid Pool Parties and both were fantastic! They were for the whole family, so everyone was able to enjoy the sun.
  14. Game Night – You could play board games, card games, or video games!
  15. Museum Meetup – You could meetup at your local zoo, science, or art museum.
  16. Google Slides Meetup – There are always teachers that are interested in learning more about Google Slides. Plan a meetup where they can learn.
  17. Learn Calligraphy – Find someone that can teach your local teachers how to do Calligraphy.
  18. Bowling – Have a bowling party. It can be for just teachers or teachers and their families.
  19. Cookie Exchange – Around the holidays, plan a cookie exchange and swap your favorites.
  20. Game Night – Plan a night to play board games or test your skills to see how you do at charades.
  21. Yoga – Plan a meetup at a local Yoga studio. Check here to learn more about yoga for VIPKid teachers.
  22. Movie Night – Invite some local teachers over to watch a movie.
  23. Escape Room – Get a group together and go to an Escape Room. They are really fun!!!
  24. Prop Making – Come together with a group to create some props that you can all use in the classroom. Everyone can bring some craft items that they have from home.
  25. Bunco Night – Have you ever played Bunco? It’s a great game for a group.
  26. Tea Party – Meet at a central location or at someone’s home. Ask everyone to bring their favorite flavor of tea to share.
  27. Volunteer – Bring your local teachers together to clean up a park, walk in a fundraising walk, or build something with an organization like Habitat for Humanities.
  28. Birthday Party for Dino!!! Have a party and make Dino the center of attention!!! Of course the theme will be Dino and everything will be orange and yellow.

Need more help planning a meetup? Check out my YouTube video for more information.

Teacher Lauren

Lauren is a homeschool mom to two children. She also a VIPKid teacher and the administrator of the Facebook group: VIPKid Newbie Teacher Island. Lauren likes to read, sew, and travel. She is also a Disney fanatic!

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