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VIPKid Newbie Island

Lauren has been a VIPKid teacher since April 2018. Shortly after she started, she notice that their was a needs for a place where teachers could go an and ask questions and not feel judged. The result was the Facebook group: VIPKid Newbie Teacher Island. Newbie Teacher Island is a place where teachers can get real time answers to their VIPKid questions. Lauren’s thought was that VIPKid can seem lonely. When you are working from home, it is easy to forget that there are other people with you and willing to help you. You are NOT an island! We are all on this island together!

About Lauren

Lauren graduated from Westminster College in 2004 with a degree in Elementary Education. She also holds a Pennsylvania ESL Program Management certification. After finishing college, Lauren taught ESL to students K-12 and then in a traditional first grade classroom. Lauren left teaching to be a stay a home mom and home school mom. In 2018, Lauren decided to try making a little money with VIPKid and found her passion for education all over again!

Teacher Mary

Mary is from Kentucky. Mary recently made VIPKid a family adventure when she helped her husband to get hired. Mary homeschools her children and LOVES Marvel movies! Remember the “Year of the Pig” T-shirt winner? That was Teacher Mary!!! Mary hosts “Reward Wednesdays” on Newbie Island.

Teacher Chris

You might know Teacher Chris as the Rad Dad! He’s a lover of all things 80s and also Teacher Mary! Yeppers! They are husband and wife!

Teacher Cat

Teacher Cat has been with VIPKid since 2019. You might know her from her Facebook group “VIPKid Teacher Chat with Teacher Cat”.

Teacher Amber

Teacher Amber is a teacher from Pittsburgh. When she is not teaching for VIPKid she is homeschooling her kiddos or taking pictures for her photography business.

Lauren as Mentor

  • Video or text chats on Facebook or Instagram
  • Links to materials that will help you get started setting up your classroom
  • My encouragement and support after you are hired to help you get your schedule booked
  • You will probably also receive a personal message from me via snail mail to welcome you to VIPKid! I strive for this, but sometimes things get busy!

Click here to apply for VIPKid! Lauren will be your mentor through the hiring process and beyond. Apply Now

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