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VIPKid – Decoding all of the abbreviations

Trying to learn all of the jargon for everything related to VIPKid can be very difficult. Here is a list of some of the abbreviations and jargon that you will hear.

VIPKid Class Finish Types

SNS – Student No Show

TIT – Teacher IT problem

SIT – Student IT problem

SN – Short Notice Class

TNS – Teacher No Show

As Scheduled – This is the finish type that you will receive when everything goes well in class and there are no problems

On the VIPKid Booking Page

Priority Booking – A student that you have seen on a specific day at a specific time can priority book your class on the same day and time two weeks from that day before any other student.

PPT – There are two ways that PPT is use in VIPKid. Most often, it is used to mean PEAK PEAK TIMES. These are the time slots that are preferred by parents for booking classes. PPT can also mean Power Point. These are the slides that we use to teach the class.

 PT – Peak Times. These are the preferred class times. On the East Coast, these times are 6-7am and 9-10am.

Classroom or Feedback

LP/Learning Partner – These are people that work for VIPKid and communicate between parents and teachers. You will sometimes hear the parents refer to them as the “head teacher”. If you have a problem with a student, you can let the LP know about it. You are very unlikely to hear back from them, but they do usually take care of the problem.

Stars – This is a reward that students earn in class for doing a good job. They are located in the classroom and you should make sure that you give all 5 stars before the end of class. If you finish the class and realize that you have not given all 5 stars, send a ticket through the support center and don’t panic! You are not the first one to do this!

Secondary reward – You should use a secondary reward system in your classroom also. This can be something like “giving” the student 2D scoops of ice cream or a plastic Dollar Store mini trophies. These do not have to be expensive or even purchased. Do whatever works for you!

Fireman – In the VIPKid world, a fireman is your technical support in the classroom

Related to the VIPKid Portal

Hutong – This is our teacher forum. Shortly after you are fully hired, you will receive an email that allows you to join the Hutong.

Interested Student – Each teacher can have up to 15 students that choose said teacher as the teacher that they prefer. These students can book your classes before other students

BJT – Beijing Time (12 hours ahead of EST coast time, 13 hours during daylight savings)

In the App

Apples – Teachers strive to get 5 apples. Apples are our feedback rating from parents. 5 apples is the best and every teacher hopes for 5. If you get 3 or less, you can ask VIPKid to review your class and see if that rating was valid.

Flowers – In the app, the flowers tell you how many parents are following you. You cannot see which parents follow you.

Tokens – We receive tokes for a variety of things at VIPKid. You can use them to buy stuff from the token center.

Frenzy – “The Frenzy” is the time at noon on Monday BJT when parents are able to book classes for the next open week

Showname – This is your first name with one or a couple of letters after your name. For example, mine is Lauren WPU. The letters have nothing to do with your last name.

Unrelated to VIPKid

WeChat – This is the Chinese social media platform. Many teachers use it to communicate with parents

Feedback Panda – Feedback Panda is a program that some teachers use to help with their VIPKid class feedback. I love FP, but I would suggest that you wait until you have at least a few regular students before you sign up for their free trial.

Lingo Bus – Lingo Bus is the sister company of VIPKid. They teach Mandarin to English speaking students. VIPKid teachers receive a deep discount on classes.

Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments.

Teacher Lauren

Lauren is a homeschool mom to two children. She also a VIPKid teacher and the administrator of the Facebook group: VIPKid Newbie Teacher Island. Lauren likes to read, sew, and travel. She is also a Disney fanatic!

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