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I am often asked about meetups. Here is a little information about meetups along with pictures of meetups that I have attended and/or hosted.

Who can host a meetup?

Any VIPKid teacher is able to host a meetup. Go to the “Events Page” and click on “VIPKid Teacher Meetups”. There is a “Meetup Submission Form” on this page. You can fill this out to host your meetup.

Are there already meetups in my area?

From the teacher portal, click on the support tab>>VIPKid Community>>Events and Meetups>>Events and Meetups FAQ>>

On this page, there is a very small link within the paragraph above the first picture. Click on the words “Click Here” to go to the VIPKid Events Page. Click on “Meetups”

Where can I get resources for my meetup?

After you submit your “Meetup Submission Form” you will be contacted by staff members at VIPKid. They will give you additional resources and help to make your meetup the best that it can be. Below are a few things that might be helpful to you.

North Park Meetup – My first meetup

Painting Dino Meetup

VIPKid Rocks Meetup

Chinese New Year Meetup

Las Vegas Pool Party

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