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Journey is VIPKid’s regional conference. In 2018, they hosted 3 Journey conferences. It appears that there will also be 3 in 2019! The conference announcements are typically made only 6-8 weeks before the actual date of the conference. VIPKid sells tickets as first come, first served. When the tickets run out, you can be added to their wait list.

What should you expect from Journey? Expect to meet many of the amazing VIPKid teachers that you know and love! You will also have the opportunity to meet many of the staff members. At each of my visits to Journey, I have been able to hug Cindy Mi and tell her how much I appreciate what she has started.

The Journey event typically begins on Friday night with registration and a scavenger hunt. At past Journey conferences, the swag store has been open on Friday night. The scavenger hunts are a great way to meet teachers if you do not know anyone in attendance. Your group *might* also end up going home with a prize!!!

Saturday is busy! If you did not register on Friday, you can register on Saturday. Saturday mornings usually start with a dancing Dino and a word from the founders of VIPKid. After that, we begin breaking out to our workshops. You will be able to attend 3 different workshops at Journey.

After the workshops, you will head back into the ballroom to hear the keynote speaker. This is often a surprise, but VIPKid has impressed me with their keynote speakers in the past, so be ready for anything!

If you are attending an upcoming Journey, be sure to find me! I love meeting other teachers and connecting your Facebook or Instagram profile to your face is very helpful to me! So, PLEASE come and say “Hi!”

Orlando – September 2018

Chicago – March 2019

Las Vegas – July 2019

East Coast – Fall 2019

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