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Archeology Sensory Box

Note: This post was first written for my old blog. You will notice that my son is about 2 in these pictures. I have edited this post so that I can share the idea with you. I have also added…

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Free Resources While You Cope with the Pandemic

Are you already finding yourself bored at home? Are you struggling to find resources to entertain your children? Free resources have been popping up on the Internet from free lunches to educational tools. Learn how you can access 200 books…

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Work at Home and Flexible Jobs for Teachers & Homeschool Parents

Who else is ready to hit the fast forward button on 2020? I know that many are out of a job, but you have plenty of time to work at home, so let’s look at some ways to make money…

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Making Butter in a Jar

My daughter has been a little obsessed with “Little House on the Prairie” lately. She listens to Alexa read the books at night. She also asks me to read them during the day. Eventually, the questions started. Most recently, “Mom,…

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Your Children are Home, Here’s Your New Schedule

School is cancelled, the library is closed, and museums are closed, how do we keep our children entertained for two weeks or more! Let’s not panic just yet. Let me help you plan your new normal. Children thrive and feel…

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10 Audiobooks that My Family Loves!

What was your favorite audiobook as a child? Can’t remember? I can’t either! My favorite book series were the “Sweet Valley Twin”. I was never very interested in other books. Books always took too long to read and so I…

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5 Ways to Find Free and Cheap Audiobooks

Do you remember listening to books on tape? I don’t either! I feel like I listened to a few books on tape, but they weren’t very popular. In recent years, it has become faster and easier to find and use…

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When Schooling Happens at Home

This week has been a doozy, am I right? Over the course of about 5 days, we went from joking about people buying too much toilet paper to entire states closing schools. Adults are told to work from home. Many…

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